Dan Scott

Software Engineering Graduate - Sheffield Hallam University


Welcome to my website, I'm currently working as a software developer at Tutorful.
After doing a web development module during my second, I've sinced gained a great interest in the subject; I'm now working on my skills to help me become a career web developer.

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Aspiring Web Dev

Right now I'm aiming to improve my skills & understanding of web development, my skills currently consist of: HTML, CSS JavaScript, Vue, Node, PHP, Laravel, MySQL/NoSQL.

Software Eng. Student

I'm a recent Software Engineer Graduate of Sheffield Hallam. Achieved First class degree. See my dissertation here

Software Developer

Current working as a Software Developer at Tutorful. Where I'll be working with the usual web technologies and PHP (with Laravel) and JavaScript/Typescript.


If I weren't pursuing a career in the software engineering industry, I'd probably be looking for a career in music as it's also quite a passion of mine. I play the guitar, banjo and drums; if you're looking to form a bluegrass or need a member, give me a shout.


My main hobbies revolve around the mountain They are mountain biking, hiking & climbing, all of which I started in university and thoroughly enjoying.