DMRI Placement - October 2017


Post Date: 21/11/2017

This month has had a lot of time dedicated to putting ads on our sites as per request of the company who we make the sites for. But before getting into that I’ll start off with what I first did – which was an SEO report.

I was asked to do some research, build a report (nothing big just a page or 2 outlining SEO factor and what needs to be applied to us) and try to become the resident SEO Expert (take the word ‘expert’ very loosely). Before delving into SEO, all I really knew about SEO was meta tags and descriptions and it actually turns out that the meta tags are not even that much of a factor anymore. I won’t list everything I put in the report (maybe I’ll a download link for it if I get around to that), but I’ll list a couple of things. One of them was quite surprising to me and that is having a solid h1 tag on your site. Now obviously, you can’t just have any text in your h1, it needs to be based on words you have come up with from your keyword research which is another SEO factor. This is where you, well, research words that relate to your company that you see are been used across the web and use those words all over your site. If done correctly, you would hope that your site would come up when a word you researched is searched for in a search engine. For example, DMRi does CPO marketing, so what we would like is our site to be the top result on google when someone searches for that. This is just a couple of things out of the list, but like I said, I may put a download link so you can view the report.

Now on to the ads. I talked about putting ads on our website in last month’s blog, however, the implementation of these were incorrect (done by me…). For example, we had separate smaller ads for mobile and I was just hiding these ads but since they were just hidden, stats were still getting sent through even when someone would be on our site on desktop. Another issue was that we were getting a lot of blank ads and after hours of work of trying to fix them, the team at the company we have the sites for just ended up redoing them which fixed the problems. And instead of just hiding the mobile ads like before, I wrote some JavaScript so that the ads would actually load (not just hidden) for the right screen width.

The next load of ads we were asked to implement were video ads and this was quite a gruelling process as we had to totally redesign the pages so that we ourselves the people at the company were happy with the layout. We eventually decided on a design and putting this across our sites was very challenging because of CSS issues. I’m all for programming challenges, but not when it comes to front-end issues with CSS… CSS problems are just very frustrating to me. Anyway, I managed to get this done, but they then asked to make the ads sticky (i.e the video moves with you as you scroll down the screen)

You can see it in action if you go the following link, you’ll have to log in but I’ve created an account for you to log in with - password1

On top of all of the above, I did the usual bug fixes and other stuff for our websites. Since this is something I’ll always be doing, I’m going to stop mentioning it and only bring it up if something special ends up happening. To end, there’s a little thing I’ve come to realize and that is when working on stuff I can’t really work on/prioritize stuff by what would be most fun to do (which is basically how I’ve worked when making stuff) but rather what my time would be best suited to help the company grow. Looking back in retrospect this seems quite obvious…