DMRI Placement - January 2018


Post Date: 03/02/2018

So I only ended up working for a week and a bit in January as I booked off the first week back and after my first week back I caught a nasty case of the flu and was off for about 2 weeks. There were 3 things that I ended up working on: finishing off/fixing bugs on the comp summary page, prototype a competition widget for the websites and take over the newsletter data.

There’s nothing really to talk about the comp summary, I was mainly just working on the PDF and making sure everyone was happy with it and fixing any bugs that I found.

Onto the widget. Time Inc wanted some sort of widget to put alongside their articles (kind of like a banner ad). They asked US to create a specification for this, which I found a bit weird because to me it’s the people who want something creating who make the specification, otherwise, we could end up making something totally different to what they wanted. Anyway, my idea for this widget is that would be rectangle shaped and within in that would be a carousel of several competitions (displaying the image and title of the comp). They also asked to try and pull in competitions that are relevant to the article. After an initial assessment, we found the best way to achieve this was to use tags. Which involved finding the tags the article has and then look for the tags on our competitions (we don’t have competition tags so we would have to add this into our competition creation/design). But seen as this is a prototype, I just made a barebones version of this where it would pull in the competition for the specified site. Now, this is where I learned something new. What Time Inc wanted was a bit of code they could put into their site code, which translates into a JavaScript/jQuery plugin. I hadn’t created a plugin before but I was always interested in knowing how they work so I was quite excited to start work on this. As this would be quite a simple plugin, I encountered no major problems in making - just followed a tutorial step-by-step and applied it to my use case. The end result was this: they would load in a js file (like you would in any other javascript plugin). Call the main function with the site name you wanted competitions from as the argument and it would display the widget at the bottom of the article. (Because all articles across all Time Inc sites are the same I just put after the div containing the article)

The next thing I did was taking the process of creating the send list for the newsletters. I was only originally meant to take over this process temporarily while a co-worker was away, but the co-worker ended up been let go and I was left with only having done once under their supervision. (With that one time been a trial run) So when I had to do for real I was quite nervous as the process for this takes is complicated and takes up several pages of documentation. At first, there we a few discrepancies between my data and data that was done before. I had no idea what I’d done wrong, but I tried again following a different bit of documentation and it worked. So going forward I used that documentation, and ever since I’ve been quite comfortable with the process and I haven’t messed up (yet…)